At Exaways Corporation, We do not believe in providing a blanket solution and implementation for all the industries. We understand the challenges, intricacies which every industry offers and weave our implementation and solution strategy leveraging Oracle applications ERP and CRM suite to help and support the clients to perform their business to their optimal best.

At Exaways Corporation our focus is to help our clients to perform their optimal best.

The following are some of the industries where our expert architects have delivered solutions using our various Oracle Practice areas and have used their experience and in depth knowledge of the applications to resolve the challenges which every industry brings much to the satisfaction of the clients.

Business Case:
According to recent studies the High Tech industry has the goal to reduce the cost per chip function by 25% to 30% each year. This is necessary to remain competitive within this highly aggressive market where the product drivers are quickly changing traditional business practices.

Shorter time-to market, higher scheduling stability, Better profit margins, higher number of products and product developments and of course minimized costs together with top quality are essential. The successful High Tech manufacturer has to accommodate these complex, sometimes opposed and contradictory, requirements to fulfill the customer demands as well as to ensure their own profitability.

Our SMEs at Exaways Corporation have been very successful in handling the above customer concerns by automating them with fail safe validations needed for a successful business using Oracle applications built in ERP and CRM suite solutions. Below are some of the key areas which we have leveraged Oracle application solutions for our High Tech Industry clients to achieve better profit margins.

  • Master Data Management
  • Marketing and Sales Management
  • Quotes Management
  • Partner network Management
  • Channel Revenue Management
    • Agreement negotiation and Debit authorizations
    • Promotions and Rebates
    • Direct and Indirect Price Management
    • Channel Resale Tracking
    • Channel Inventory Management
    • Debit claims management and Price protection

ERP technology is mainly associated with non-medical fields, such as financial accounting, supply chain management, customer relationship management and human resources management. However, Hospitals and other Healthcare Organizations equally benefit from it and it is gaining popularity in the Health industry. With seamless integration and flow of data, ERP technology provides a health care concern more efficiency and accuracy in delivering the service it is required to give.

Health industry manufacturers require applications which can support extensive product development, advanced technologies and high sales margins. Some of the challenges that constrict growth include competition from over-the-counter and generic medicines, cost pressures, stringent regulations, and product shelf life. Our architects at Exaways Corporation have rich experience in handling the challenges which healthcare implementation brings in and have successfully provided the following using Oracle application ERP and CRM suite solutions.

Global consumer numbers are surging, as are new brands and shopping channels. To help consumer goods companies effectively serve emerging and mature markets, Esuiteapps Corporation uses Oracle Solutions in the most effective way to build lifelong relationships with consumers, collaborate with channel partners to drive efficiency, help manage products from raw materials to finished goods, and manage business performance through increased visibility. We help to streamline your processes and leverage new IT capabilities to enable lower cost and better services. Our technology solutions align companie's IT systems and capabilities with their strategic vision to deliver business results and drive innovation.

The principle of understanding consumers has long been the key of the consumer products industry. Today understanding consumers and developing marketing strategies by consumer segment and micro segment is a complex undertaking. While planning these strategies the most common business challenges faced by our customers were:

  • Inability to plan for Marketing Funds
  • Under or over utilization of Funds
  • Forecast Inaccuracy
  • Lack of information to effectively plan promotional activities
  • Manual Data gathering for the current activity

Exaways Corporation has been very successful in using the Oracle applications ERP solution specifically the Oracle applications CRM suite to handle the above issues. We help you achieve Fact-based volume forecasting with supply chain visibility in advance of production which in turn helps you to focus on most profitable and productive promotions.

Distributors are in the middle of the supply chain, providing a connection between manufacturers, retailers and ultimately consumers. They must track products and terms for multiple suppliers and multiple customers, including such diverse things as economic order quantities and cooperative advertising dollars, for both suppliers and customers.

Below are the key solutions our experts in Exaways Corporation have implemented successfully using Oracle applications ERP and CRM suite Technology.

Customer managementMaintain customer types, classifications, contact information, preferences, reorder points, and credit information.
Purchasing & procurementOrder inventory and track discounts offered.
Pricing ManagementEffectively maintain price list at every level of the customer contacts.
Other ManagementPrepares bids, prepares quotes, and processes customer's orders.
Inventory ManagementCount, track, receive, and locate parts and materials. Effectively maintain inventory at Wholesale level.
Resale ManagementAutomate point of sale if the distributor does pick up sales for wholesale or even retail.
Marketing and sale ManagementEffectively plan and execute promotions.
Distribution AccountingTrack deductions, price protection and payments effectively
Demand ManagementAbility adjusts inventory levels according to fluctuations in the demand forecast to ensure that supply coordinates with demand.

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